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Yeng Constantino

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Josephine "Yeng" Constantino (born December 4, 1988) is a popular reality TV winner of Pinoy Dream Academy, a Philippine edition of Endemol's Star Academy, a reality TV singing search in the Philippines. Yeng is one of the rising female artist in Philippine music industry.

As the "Grand Star Dreamer", Yeng received a brand-new Suzuki Swift, a condominium unit at G.A. Towers, a 60-inch SXRD Sony Bravia TV, a Touch music video unit, a Belgian Waffle dine-in franchise, a recording contract with Star Records, and 1 million pesos from Fitrum.

Yeng won the competition becoming the first "Grand Star Dreamer" of Pinoy Dream Academy, garnering a total of 697,648 votes (37.32%); followed by Jay-R Siaboc (first runner-up) with 612,767 votes (32.77%). Yeng's career continuously booms in radio and TV airwaves.


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About Sitti

If there is a title that befits Sitti, it's Queen Of Bossa. No other artist, who emerged after Sitti in the OPM industry, is truly deserving of the accolade. Gaining a wide acceptance for the genre is an accidental job that Sitti accomplished remarkably. "When I was offered this project, I was happy because Warner Music let me sing bossa in which I'm very much at ease with. I feel I was lucky to be the first one to do it" says Sitti

Sensing that the genre was fast picking up in the retail market, other labels and artists immediately jumped into the bandwagon. A surge of bossa CDs and bossa-fied OPM tunes were released overnight and new bossa artists followed Sitti's career path. New discoveries attempted to dislodge her as the Queen Of Bossa but were only dismayed when Sitti remained to be a hot favorite in the industry. Inspite of the many threats to her career, Sitti was unmindful of it. "I just enjoy doing bossa beats. I don't pressure myself of the competition. I'm glad that opened the doors for others. I believe the more we are, the merrier we would be" confessed Sitti.

Sitti's sunny disposition about her career has consistently made her a stand-out in this generation of bossa. She recently scored a twin musical feat with her maiden CD, Café Bossa that turned double platinum and its follow-up CD, Sitti Live! has reached gold. Sitti was awarded by Warner Music Philippines for these achievements in a special segment of ASAP over ABS-CBN last Sunday, February 11. Both CDs are certified hotsellers that dominated overall sales at number upon its releases. The continued bossa craze in the circuit is seen to trigger more sales for Sitti's albums.

A limited edition of Café Bossa is now available at the music market featuring Sitti's music videos of "Para Sa Akin," "Hey Look At The Sun" and "I Didn't Know I Was Looking For Love" and EPK/Behind The Scenes. As an added attraction it also contains previously unreleased MTV Sessions on VCD.


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Born November 1, 1980, in Pasay City, Marifil Niña Girado, was raised in Quezon City with three other siblings. Growing up, Nina, much like any aspiring singer, admired Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Alicia Keys and Gary V., Ella Mae Saison, and Regine Velasquez on the home front.

Nina stands barely over five feet but her vocal prowess can stand up to a tidal wave. As far as she can remember, Nina has always been in the solemn presence of music. Her dad, Filbert, is a member of the Bayanihan Boy’s Choir and her mom, Maria Daulet, plays the piano. She was five, singing in a corner when her dad gave her special notice. Intensive vocal training was the next chapter -- belting with her body submerged in a drum of water (hence, the tidal wave) and exercising those vocal chords early in the morning.

Indeed, hard work and dedication pay off — eventually. She was a 7-week champion at the most successful singing competition in the country, Tanghalan ng Kampeon—the undisputed springboard for fresh talent. Before casting glorious light on the bleak music scene, pop and R&B find, Nina, found satisfaction soothing tired souls at the local clubs. Songs of love and loss, songs of firsts and lasts all delivered with intense passion and fiery emotion. Whatever the message, the effect is lasting, overwhelming. She can wail with the power of a crashing tidal wave or whine with the softness of a trickling rainfall. Waxing poetic describing vocal range can only mean one thing—when she sings, expect to be moved in ways you never imagined.

Her claim to fame isn’t only her voice but the story behind her discovery. The demo tape she submitted to Warner Music Philippines sampled her rendition of Foolish Heart. It was at that moment when hearing the tape, Warner Music executives immediately realized her potential and signed her without even actually seeing the woman behind the voice. The rest was, as we know it, history.


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About MYMP

MYMP is one of the favorite acoustic acts in the country today. They play smooth, soothing acoustic renditions of past hits like Especially For You, Bob Marley's Waiting In Vain and Sting's Every Little Thing.

Originally, MYMP was a 4-piece all-guy rock band. Then later on became a show band, to a trio, which opened their doors to having a debut album. Their biggest break came when Raymond Ryan, iFM's station manager, watched one of their gigs and met up with a producer to produce their album, Soulful Acoustic, which now garnered a Platinum Award. Later on, Ivory Records took MYMP under their wing and their debut album was released on Ivory Music and Video's 20th

MYMP's carrier single "A Little Bit" invaded the airwaves and bagged the People's Choice "Favorite Song" Award in Awit Awards 2004. Who could also miss their originals Miss You and Could be Wrong.

The trio of MYMP clicked but one member of the group had to leave in February 2004. Now, Chin and Juris together with Andrew and John as their bassist and kahonista has swept the country by storm! They will invade The Big Dome on November 18, 2005 for MYMP… Best.

MYMP launched two more albums, Beyond Acoustic which showcased their versatility and Versions which proved their capability. Both albums had 12 best seller tracks. MYMP Versions has recently been declared a Certified Gold Record after less than a month.

Lead singers Juris and Chin have indeed turned our worlds upside down with the kind of music they deliver. Juris Fernandez should have been in the medical field following her mother's footsteps after earning a degree in Psychology. Chin Alcantara, along with Andrew and John, are Communication Arts majors

Chin Alcantara, on vocals, considers Jimi Hendrix, SRV, Mr. Big and Led Zepelin as his musical influences. He studied in Miriam College and was born on March 12. He goes for blue-based rock like Eric Clapton and Sting's kind of music.

Julie Iris Fernandez, better known as Juris, considers Lea Salonga her musical influence. She was born March 18 and studied in Ateneo de Davao and Miriam College. She also likes Alicia Keys, Destiny's Child, Avril Lavigne and Patti Austin.

John Angeles is MYMPs drummer, who is a big fan of the Dave Matthews band. Their bassist Andrew Advincula on the other hand considers Duran Duran and Weather Report as his musical icons. Then there's Zac Bernardino on electric guitar.

MYMP has already released three CDs: Versions, Beyond Acoustic and the double CD Versions and Beyond. Aside from these, their songs have topped charts of both radio stations and record bars.


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The Band

A dozen years ago, four brilliant but then underrated musicians cast rocks into a pond. Then lo and behold! Instead of causing ripples, it created a tsunami that swallowed everything in sight.

They were The Eraserheads. The pond was Original Pilipino Music. And the tsunami? Pop alternative-----proudly Pinoy, made flesh then and has dwelt among us since. The end. Not.

Years after Ely Buendia, Raymund Marasigan, Buddy Zabala and Marcus Adoro a.k.a. Eraserheads have parted ways, the music of the acknowledged flag bearer of Pinoy pop alternative music continues to course through the veins of the generation they defined. It’s all because they made nine groundbreaking studio albums that collectively sold more than a million copies; churned out, oh, only more than two dozen hit singles that composed the collective soundtrack of a nation and; won every imaginable award the industry could give them.

And though some of their disciples seem to have moved on to R&B or acid jazz, trance or acoustic music, and maybe even other pop alternative bands, make no mistake about it: All still feel "Ligaya" and welcome "Toyang" "With A Smile" when they see her "Minsan" during "Sembreak;" standing under a "Maselang Bahaghari" in the "Alapaap," just above the "Tindahan Ni Aling Nena" beside the "Magasin" stand where she dances "Ang Huling El Bimbo" in "Overdrive." Who’s "Toyang?" "Wag Mo Nang Itanong," "Pare Ko."


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The Band

On the surface, the Itchyworms have always been a bunch of jovial and funny guys. Their distinct sense of humor is quite known, if not legendary among their friends and peers who have known them from their college days in the Ateneo.

But as musicians, the foursome are deadly serious. The band came out at a time when furious and tuneless rap-metal was on the verge of breaking into local rock radio. In the midst of all the cacophonous aggression, the Itchyworms wrote and performed catchy music with actual melodies. But these weren’t mere pop songs; the band’s arrangements displayed a certain depth and complexity that would make the most fickle musician take notice. I remember when they first performed “Mellow Carousel” and “Chocophotoland” sometime in ’99; I thought, wow, these guys are good.

A debut album, Little Monsters Under Your Bed, soon appeared the following year, earning them the Best New Artist accolade at that year’s NU107 Rock Awards. But they probably deserved more than that. Little Monsters was a fine work that showcased the ‘Worms’ foremost strengths: smart songwriting, musical inventiveness, and apparent technical ability. But the album didn’t quite take off for reasons we will never comprehend, despite the strength of its singles “Happy Birthday,” “Antipara,” and “Bituin.”

Nevertheless, the band left their label and soldiered on, releasing the soon-to-be-a-classic “Buwan” as an independent single, along with an excellent video directed by Marie Jamora. As transcendent as “Buwan” was (and still is), it revealed an emerging depth and maturity in their songwriting, and foretold the brilliance of the subsequent new songs that the band would unleash during their gigs, including “One Ball,” “Contestant #1,” “Salapi,” and the consistent favorite “Beer.”

It’s 2005, and the Itchyworms have just finished recording their upcoming album, Noontime Show. None of us (except the band, their producers, their new label, Universal Records, and perhaps a few close friends) have heard it in its entirety, but from what we’ve seen and heard from them over the past year, we know it’s going to be an ambitious record, light years beyond Little Monsters. But the ‘Worms have not gone Pink Floyd on us; the music remains accessible, and in some cases, the poppiest they have ever done. Like the song for the video that the band are launching tonight.

“Akin Ka Na Lang” is the first single from Noontime Show, and is as infectious as the flu in July. The song’s melody and vocal harmonies are spot on, and its charming and witty lyrics, sung from the point of view of a jealous guy, are universally affecting without being crude. This is Perfect Pop as we know it, and as it should be.

The video was directed by Wincy Ong (former bassist of the band Narda), also a friend and a fan of the band, with Jamora as the director of photography. Besides the band, it also stars Ong’s bandmate Katwo Librando, the band’s engineer Shinji Tanaka (of Sound Creation Studios, where Noontime Show was recorded), and a cameo by a Soxy Topacio look-alike. Like the band members themselves, the video is hilarious, and like their music, very well-executed. And that’s precisely why we love the Itchyworms; they’re good and they know it, but they wholeheartedly make the effort to share their art with us, making sure that we “get it.”


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I want it now mp3
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Dito tayo sa dilim mp3
Bukas mp3
Bleached Steaks mp3

The Band

Women, with painted faces, caterwauling in distinctive falsettos. A tribe of young men, standing blithely aside, nods in silent approval. The lights glimmer. A wineglass shatters. A chant drones ever onward. That lone, unwavering voice, echoing through the occasional darkness. All in accordance with pulsating, four-on-the-floor drumming that threatens to overwhelm those of us not in synch with the communal heartbeat. THIS is the unadulterated essence of a Pedicab live performance: a near-religious experience with all the idiosyncrasies of a shaman’s ritual. And why not? For the last two years, this group has specialized in producing a riotous form Disco-Punk Music that has, quite often, induced even the most avowed non-believers to convert…to the dogma of the dance floor. Some have jokingly dubbed this unique sound “dunk.” I call it “drunk.” With ecstasy, that is. Being a notorious wallflower, it is hard for me even to BEGIN fathoming WHY the sound Pedicab makes is so intoxicating. Could it be the quirky lyrics? The (almost) call-and-response dynamic that makes an exchange of energy between patron and performer so effortless? The “wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am” immediacy of each simplified guitar lick…every streamlined synth line…and all the Spartan austerity of a, nonetheless, ingenious cadence? Or could it be something else? A certain “X” factor? A kind of magic? A bit of “je-ne-sais-fucking-quoi?” We will never find the appropriate words.

What fans DO understand, however, is that this Music is a joyous assault on the senses. Like a skilled boxer, it bobs, weaves and strikes when you least expect. A tremendous part of this aural alchemy is, admittedly, down to the elements each Pedicab member provides. Multimedia artist RA Rivera, also known as “Just Tony,” is a cult hero among visually inclined artists. Mike Dizon, a.k.a. “Masterbeat (Extra Service),” is revered as the drummer of Pinoy Rock legends Teeth and Sandwich. Guitarist “J. Sonic,” baptized Jason Caballa, is best known for his riff-mongering with Indie stalwarts Twisted Halo. Lead vocalist and digital percussionist Diego Mapa, who plays for Monsterbot AND Cambio, is “Mappy”…or, alternately, “Daddy Maps” (having recently become a father). And “Sugar Raims?” Well, the synth player/vocoder experimentalist/backing vocalist really needs no introduction. Aside from his work with Cambio and Sandwich, he is a real live Eraserhead! Not a lineup to take lightly. Their 2005 debut album, the sensational “Tugish Takish,” speaks for itself. In addition, tracks have been laid down for a Jam 88.3 Christmas compilation, along with a “Musicians Against WTO” collection. The “intimidation” factor is at an all-time high. Indeed, how does one describe musicians who have written their own place in the (listen closely Atom and NU 107!) Pinoy Rock Hall of Fame? And although I have painstakingly crafted THREE disparate “profiles” in my attempt to describe Pedicab, I have come to realize that their own words would more than suffice