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Para sa akin mp3
To have and to hold mp3
Girl from Ipanema mp3
I didnt know i was looking for love mp3
Tattooed on my mind mp3
Close to you mp3
Lost in Space mp3

About Sitti

If there is a title that befits Sitti, it's Queen Of Bossa. No other artist, who emerged after Sitti in the OPM industry, is truly deserving of the accolade. Gaining a wide acceptance for the genre is an accidental job that Sitti accomplished remarkably. "When I was offered this project, I was happy because Warner Music let me sing bossa in which I'm very much at ease with. I feel I was lucky to be the first one to do it" says Sitti

Sensing that the genre was fast picking up in the retail market, other labels and artists immediately jumped into the bandwagon. A surge of bossa CDs and bossa-fied OPM tunes were released overnight and new bossa artists followed Sitti's career path. New discoveries attempted to dislodge her as the Queen Of Bossa but were only dismayed when Sitti remained to be a hot favorite in the industry. Inspite of the many threats to her career, Sitti was unmindful of it. "I just enjoy doing bossa beats. I don't pressure myself of the competition. I'm glad that opened the doors for others. I believe the more we are, the merrier we would be" confessed Sitti.

Sitti's sunny disposition about her career has consistently made her a stand-out in this generation of bossa. She recently scored a twin musical feat with her maiden CD, Café Bossa that turned double platinum and its follow-up CD, Sitti Live! has reached gold. Sitti was awarded by Warner Music Philippines for these achievements in a special segment of ASAP over ABS-CBN last Sunday, February 11. Both CDs are certified hotsellers that dominated overall sales at number upon its releases. The continued bossa craze in the circuit is seen to trigger more sales for Sitti's albums.

A limited edition of Café Bossa is now available at the music market featuring Sitti's music videos of "Para Sa Akin," "Hey Look At The Sun" and "I Didn't Know I Was Looking For Love" and EPK/Behind The Scenes. As an added attraction it also contains previously unreleased MTV Sessions on VCD.


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