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Just like their first single, "Stay," Cueshé defied the odds and struggles to be one of the biggest and most successful bands in the country today. In a span of one year, vocalist Jay Justiniani, guitarist and vocalist Ruben Caballero, bassist Fritz Labrado, lead guitarist Jovan Mabini, keyboardist Jhunjie Dosdos and drummer/band leader Mike Manaloto were thrown into a whirlwind of opportunities not any other new band had experienced. But their phenomenal success was not without its share of intrigues and controversies.

Since their first single hit the airwaves, critics and detractors tagged them as another one hit wonder. Rock fundamentalists considered them a pariah, called them a "phony," and a "sell-out." Insults, below-the-belt comments, false allegations, flaks, they got it. Cueshé was clearly one of the most misunderstood bands. But as the old cliché goes "you can't put a good man down." Despite the continuous dissing, hitting and criticism, the band remained steadfast, unaffected and concentrated on their music.

As they say "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger." Indeed, they are proving their critics wrong. Proof: after "Stay" came "Sorry." Then "Ulan" followed by "Can't Let You Go" and "24 Hours." All these singles from their debut album "Half Empty, Half Full" became chart-toppers. Celebrities, non-celebrities, children and adults alike hum their songs. The album likewise sold thousands, achieving the double platinum mark. Not bad from an upstart act. Accolades poured in, headlined by their big win at the 1st MYX Music Awards, bagging three major victories (Favorite Artist, Favorite Group and Favorite Song-for the song "Stay.") out of four nominations. Viewers of musical variety show SOP voted the band as Best Breakthrough Artist in 2005 and this year as Band of the Year. Cueshé recently bagged the Smart Texters' Choice for Hitmaker of the Year Award at the 2006 MTV Pilipinas Awards. They also became known for their flawless performance onstage the reason why their gigs remained packed and well-attended. And the latest-a Philippines tour beginning September culminating with a major concert at the Araneta Coliseum next year. "Where we are right now, we owe it to the fans," Mike said.

Fame might have brought about many changes but still, humility remains intact among the members, just the same during their struggle. Like the challenging years when Jay figured in an accident; to make ends meet, Mike sold cigarettes, Fritz drove a passenger jeepney with Jovan as his assistant. Or the moment they left Cebu and set foot in Manila, living in together in a small apartment surviving on canned goods and noodles.

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