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Rivermaya is a Philippine rock and alternative band formed in 1993. The band has produced a number of platinum albums and no.1 hits through its more that 10 year reign in the Philippine music industry. Dubbed as the “Banda Ng Bayan”, the band has been an icon to new and uprising bands. They spawned the hits such as "Ulan", "Kisapmata", "Elesi", "Nerbyoso", "Faithless", "Balisong", and "Inosente Lang Ang Nagtataka". The band has also been awarded and given numbers of recognitions to different music awards and spectacles. Two of their videos are currently introduced internationally for being chosen by Star World channel.

With the rise of the band revolution in the Philippines in the early 1990’s, with a number of bands coming out with rock and alternative singles, producer and manager Lizza Nakpil and prominent director, Chito Roño decided to manage a yet unnamed band. Rico Blanco auditioned to play rhythm guitars and keyboardist while Nathan Azarcon presents his bass guitar skills to the management. The two primarily became the first members of the band. The initial line-up was then with guitarist Kenneth Ilagan and drummer Rome Velayo, with Blanco doing vocals. Jessie Gonzales was recruited to handle the role of lead vocals while Velayo was replaced by youngster, Mark Escueta. The group in constant member changes then was replaced with Perfecto de Castro on lead guitars and Francisco “Bamboo” Mañalac as the lead vocals.

The five members (Blanco, Mañalac, Azarcon, Escueta, and de Castro) formed the original Rivermaya. Rivermaya was chosen among the hundreds of possible names suggested by Blanco, who at that time was very fond of the name of another band, Rizal Underground establishing a nationalistic fervor on music. Rivermaya was taken from a Mr. Bean scene where his adventures led him to Riviera Maya, catching Blanco’s attention.

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