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Probably one of the most prominent bands in the local band scene nowadays, Sandwich has been making music for six years now and still continues to live up to their passion-- a trademark of energetic performances.

Raymund (vocals, guitar), Diego (guitars), Mike (drums), and Myrene (bass) trace back as the original Sandwich members, alongside Marc Abaya (vocals), started February 1999. Formed by Diego and Raymund’s desire to work together in a band, Diego recruits former band mates Mike and Myrene while Raymund discovered Marc at a party while jamming to a Beastie Boys song.
On the very same year, Sandwich signed with BMG Records (now, Sony-BMG Music Entertainment) and released their debut album, GRIP STAND THROW. The carrier single was “Butterfly Carnival” and other hits followed such as “Maybe” and “R2D2”.

With an impressive effect on radio, it was inevitable that NU107 held Sandwich as one of the most precious bands for the year, giving them the three most coveted awards for 1999’s NU ROCK AWARDS, which includes: Album of the Year for “Grip Stand Throw”; Best New Artist; and Song of the Year for Butterfly Carnival.

The year that followed, 2000, the band are still happy to go along for their ride. Sandwich continued to be recognized by several award giving bodies. That time, they bagged Best Performance By a New Artist from AWIT AWARDS; and 99.5RT honored them as Best Alternative Artist.

Later that year, Sandwich released their second album, still under BMG, entitled FOUR TRACK MIND, with the hit singles “Food For The Soul”, “Hairpin” and “Love Is”. And as the process goes on, FOUR TRACK MIND was awarded by NU ROCK AWARDS as Album of the Year in 2001.

After two albums as a signed act under a major label, Sandwich goes independent in their third release with the album called THANKS TO THE MOON’s GRAVITATIONAL PULL under Play for Serve Records. The album was released early 2004, independently and been distributed by EMI Philippines. Efforts were returned and recognized richly as THANKS TO THE MOON’s GRAVITATIONAL PULL earned the title, Album Producer of the Year for 2004’s NU ROCK AWARDS.


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Oops...akala ko beatles.


Oops...akala ko beatles.