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Brownman Revival

Binibini mp3
Dahan Dahan mp3
Di mo lang alam mp3
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Ikaw lang ang aking Mahal mp3
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Maling akala mp3
Ngayong Gabi mp3
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From their indie days to finally breaking in to the mainstream scene in 2005, Brownman Revival’s entry can be compared to a “peryahan”--merry, colorful, with so many things happening left and right; with rides and games to choose from. Indeed life for the band has become a joyride especially since becoming a byword from every Totoy and Nene to every Juan and Maria and from barangays to cities and provinces with their string of hits. First is their infectious remake of the Eraserheads original “Maling Akala.” Who could ever forget its wacky music video that aroused the curiosity of many? So notorious and evocative that the second single-- the groove-worthy “Lintik” was turned into its sequel. Next are their takes on the 70s hits “Binibini” and “Ikaw Lang Ang Aking Mahal.” All these singles came from “Steady Lang,” their certified gold debut album that changed how people look at reggae music.

This year, the 9-piece band composed of Dennis (drums), Jao (bass), Onard (keyboards), Januarie (percussions), Alphy (guitars), Jayson (trombone), Jojo (sax), Ambet (trumpet) and Dino (vocals) is not just content in going steady and resting on their laurels as they return with their much anticipated second album “Ayos Din.” Like the festive mood of their album cover and title, the songs in this sophomore outing deserve the typical positive colloquial description “ayos.”

“Ayos Din” is bannered by the carrier single “Sorry Na, Pwede Ba,” now a heavy favorite on radio and whose music video recently premiered on MYX. Originally by Rico J. Puno, Brownman Revival adds reggae feel and sensuality to the song that was once popular in the 70’s. Rico J adds his signature wit as he makes a special appearance in a special bonus track version of the song. Then there’s “Muli,” a rare collaboration with its original singer Ramon “RJ” Jacinto. The legendary singer/guitarist willingly lent his talent to play the guitars ala Carlos Santana in the song. Also included are “Yakap Sa Dilim,” “Reggae Fever” (originally was “Disco Fever” in the 80s and was written by Vic Sotto and Joey de Leon with excerpts of the song “Hinahanap-hanap Kita” by Rivermaya).

If the previous record was mostly comprised of revivals, the band pushes the envelope and unleashes their creativity further, composing half of the songs in this 14 track album. Tracks like “Kapit,” “Walang Kasing Sarap,” “Paikot-Ikot,” “Bitin,” “Diskarte,” “Ikembot Mo” and “Lasapin” truly keeps the spirit of reggae alive—Pinoy style.


littlecut_ said...

ahm. pwede bang magrequest ng foreign band or artist? tulad ng: the birthday massacre, switchblade symphony, mozart season, a thorn for every heart, phantasmagoria, Cruxshadows.. ung mga ganon. .

Kristin of BRIGHTSIDE said...

excited na ko makaalternate kayo!! c u sa marinduque! GODBLESS!

Anonymous said...

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