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Band fever has caught up once again the psyche of every Filipino. This year's scene promises to be more alive and exciting with the entry of another band that is making people stop, look and listen – to its wittily crafted music video shot in an LRT station video and to spoken words inserted in the middle of the song.

Welcome Rocksteddy, the band behind the song with the funny spoken word “Lagi Mo Na Lang Akong Dinededma.” The band composed of Teddy Corpuz (vocals), Christian Sandico (bass), Jowi Ramos (guitars/back-up vocals), Juven Pelingon (lead guitar) and Jeff Cucullo (Drums), has just released their debut album “Tsubtsatagilidakeyn” under 12 Stone Records and distributed by Sony BMG Music Entertainment.

If you wonder what the title of the album of the album means, it actually came from a popular children's game text where you bundle up 3 cards – your card, your opponent's card, and a mediator card to decide the winner. You then flick them into the air, and then let them land on the floor. “Tsub” means the card is face down, “Tsa” means face up, and “tagilid” is for those times when the card lands arguably face up/down... “Akeyn!” is just what you shout out when win the pot (of more cards). The rules on who wins the pot vary, but it's all the same fun.

The album features all Tagalog songs that speaks of friendships, emotions, love and relationship like “Kung Wala Na Tayo,” “Gising Na”, “Magpakailanman,” “Tara ,” “Super Nova,” “Bale Wala,” “Playing Safe” and the carrier single “Lagi Mo Na Lang Akong Dinededma.”

This former Christian band describes their music as direct and straightforward. “Most of our songs are based from personal experiences. Parang plain conversation for someone or an acquaintance.”

“Tsubtsatagilidakeyn” presented by 12 Stone Records, Sony BMG Music Entertainment, PLDT MyMusic and Budget Cards, Mossimo, Power Peel, The Philippine Star, Pulp and Belisima Salon, was launched last Thursday, January 26 at Mugen Bar and Restaurant.

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